noun (plural petechiae -kɪi:) Medicine a small red or purple spot caused by bleeding into the skin.
petechial adjective
C18: mod. L., from Ital. petecchia (a freckle or spot on the face), from L. petigo 'scab, eruption'.

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  • petechia — [pə tē′kē ə] n. pl. petechiae [pə tē′kēē΄] [ModL < It petecchia < L pittacium, label, plaster, patch < Gr pittakion, a writing tablet, slip, letter] a small hemorrhagic spot in the skin, mucous membrane, etc. petechial adj …   English World dictionary

  • Petechia — SignSymptom infobox Name = Petechia Caption = A minor petechia. ICD10 = ICD10|R|23|3|r|20 ICD9 = ICD9|782.7 MeshID = D011693 A petechia (pronounced|pɨˈtiːkiə), plural petechiae (IPA|pɨˈtiːkɪiː) is a small (1 2mm) red or purple spot on the body,… …   Wikipedia

  • Petechia — Petechiae Pe*tech i*[ae], n. pl.; sing. {Petechia}. [NL., fr. LL. peteccia; cf. F. p[ e]t[ e]chie, It. petecchia, Sp. petequia, Gr. ? a label, plaster.] (Med.) Small crimson, purple, or livid spots, like flea bites, due to extravasation of blood …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • petechia — noun /pɪˈtiːkɪə/ a small spot, especially on an organ, caused by bleeding underneath the skin , 1973: It is scurvy. All my authorities agree – weakness, diffused muscular pain, petechia, tender gums, ill breath – and M’Alister has no doubt of it …   Wiktionary

  • petechia — noun (plural petechiae) Etymology: New Latin, from Italian petecchia, ultimately from Latin impetigo Date: circa 1784 a minute reddish or purplish spot containing blood that appears in skin or mucous membrane a result of localized hemorrhage •… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • petechia — (= petechiae (plural) ) Small round red purple spot, not raised and caused by intradermal haemorrhage …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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  • petechia — pe·te·chia pə tē kē ə n, pl chi·ae kē .ī a minute reddish or purplish spot containing blood that appears in skin or mucous membrane as a result of localized hemorrhage * * * pe·te·chia (pə teґke ə) pl. peteґchiae [L.] a pinpoint,… …   Medical dictionary

  • petechia — (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun A mark on the skin indicative of a disease, as typhus: stigma. See MARKS …   English dictionary for students

  • petechia — pɪ tɪːkɪə n. spot of blood showing through the skin, very small hemorrhage under the skin …   English contemporary dictionary

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